Khamis, 23 Februari 2012

Ayam Sabung

Fighting Cock
Fighting cocks (gamecock) is quite famous among the foot-kai ayam.Ayam fighting games and fans are willing to fight until the chicken is also known as fighting mati.Ayam laga.ayam bangkok chicken fighting cocks and the east coast known as the chicken is well known, especially in Kelantan Baek and the besut in terengganu, but should be remembered each different from the fighting cocks in every state and negara.Di Thai (Siamese) and peninsular Malaysia fighting cocks seemed to either of the types of genes and the way his complaint said .. some fighting cocks from peninsular Malaysia are imported from bangkok (thai), and fighting cocks is impossible not seem to sama.Manakala in Sabah, Sarawak and some in Indonesia is different from fighting cocks fighting cocks fighting cocks from Bangkok because it was too small and the chicken-like when (Serama) and chicken diwar2kan forests and fighting cocks are from Myanmar (not historical facts). sebagi Chicken Chicken is also known as its spine connected to the knife blade around 5'inci and adunya not take too long antra 3.4 minutes.

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