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Ayam hutan

Altogether, there are four species of jungle fowl that spreads from India, Sri Lanka to Southeast Asia including the Nusantara archipelago. These four species are:

Chicken, red jungle, Gallus Gallus
Sri Lanka jungle cock, Gallus lafayetii
Gray jungle cock, Gallus sonneratii
Forest-green chicken, Gallus varius
Two species found in Indonesia, the natural spread mainly in the western islands. The second type is the red jungle-cock, who liked the relatively closed forest, and chicken-green forest, which prefer open forests and hilly areas.
Red jungle fowl is the ancestor of domesticated chickens, while the F1 offspring from crosses between the red jungle fowl and green jungle fowl chickens produce bekisar.
Partridge is eating everything, though likely as grain eaters. However, as chickens generally, pheasant also eat the tops of the grass, insects and other small animals they encounter.
These birds usually live in pairs or in small groups. Sleeping on the branches of shrubs or bushes, not too far off the ground. At the spawning season, females make a simple nest on the ground and incubating their eggs until they hatch. Partridge children cared for by parent females.
Unlike fowl, pheasant good at flying; not long after leaving the nest where they hatch.
Partridge is a bird species that humans have domesticated for thousands of years ago. Chicken, red jungle known as the direct ancestors of the various types of fowl. While the chicken cross the forest-green with pet chickens produce bekisar chicken, which is very famous in East Java because kokoknya sound melodious and beautiful fur.Partridge in a Fairytale
Some traditional folklore show partridge as one of the characters. Folklore as Ciung Wanara of the Sundanese or Javanese version called Banner aka Cinde Laras Laras, telling the main character who has a rooster or male pheasant who are good at fighting and crowing.
And it's not crowing kokoknya usual, it contains a story about the fate of his master. For example, cockcrow Ciung Wanara reads:

Blak! Blak! kukuruyuuuuk

"Daddy King bundapun queen!

Content of one year old!

Paraji queen!

Although sweet but honey! "

With eyes closed the night!

With closed ears tonight!

Shackled hands!

At birth in kandaga drift!

Together with an egg ... !

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